The Importance of Staying Connected When Depressed

Depression is a difficult condition to deal with and it is made even more difficult when you handle it on your own. In order to improve your symptoms, you need to ensure you have a support system and keep yourself connected. Having connections helps to keep you grounded and your friends and family can help you work through things. 

Why People Isolate 

When dealing with ongoing depression or going through a depressive episode, many people have a tendency to pull back from others and isolate themselves. People isolate for different reasons. They might not want to burden others with their problems. They may also feel more moody and prefer to spend time alone. However, isolating can often exacerbate depression symptoms. For example, if someone is feeling depressed and lonely then isolating themselves will make them feel more lonely and in turn more depressed. Having connections and engaging with those around you can help pull you out of negative cycles and give you the support you need as you work through symptoms. 

The Importance of Connection 

You’ve probably heard it many times, but it is human nature to want to be around other people and stay connected. Having connections originally began as a necessary part of survival, but that instinct has lasted through time. Being connected helps you to feel more safe, supported, and helped. When you’re around others, it also helps you to become more resilient and you learn how to cope with problems. One way that connection helps is through sharing your experiences. You can unburden yourself and also hear what others have gone through. You can learn about different coping strategies and apply methods that others have used to work through their own experiences. 

How to Reach Out 

Although you may not be in the best mindset to reach out to others, it’s an important first step. It may be the ideal to have others reach out to you, but if you’re struggling it’s often on your shoulders to reach out to others. You can contact close friends and family to ask for support or to simply spend time with. In fact, you don’t even need to explain everything you’re going through if you aren’t comfortable. Just being around others helps to make you feel better. Additionally, you can try building your community in other ways by attending classes, joining in activities you’re interested in, volunteering, and more. 

Many people struggle with depression and it can be a heavy weight in your life. That weight can be made lighter when you have other people to rely on. As you work through depression symptoms, make an effort to stay connected with others. 

Understanding your condition can help you learn how to best cope with it. Click here to learn more about depression and potential treatments.