Suffering from depression?
Has Medication Failed you?
Have you given up on ever
finding peace of mind?

Welcome to TMS Clinics of Canada

Love life again.


TMS is a Health Canada approved treatment for depression.

 TMS stimulates your brain from the comfort of an armchair. It is highly effective. Most patients will see significant reduction of symptoms or total remission, even when drug treatments have failed.

Our warm and well-trained staff are committed to supporting those we treat on the shared journey to recovery.

  • Drugless solution

  • Non-invasive

  • 66% remission rate

  • Effective for treatment resistant cases

  • None of the side effects of medication

  • Safe and non-systemic

Success Rate

Remission and response rates are comparable to traditional antidepressant drugs- without the side effects.


To provide an effective alternative to medication for people suffering from Depression that is non-invasive and has no major side effects.


We can see the day when Major Depression no longer impedes the lives of 1 in 5 Canadians.

Doctor Steiner, Depression Help Toronto

My name is Dr. Steiner and I believe that TMS is the future of treating and beating depression and many other brain disorders.

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