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We understand that if you are feeling sad, alone or stuck. If you are suffering from depression you truly need supportive and non-judgmental care. That’s our specialty!
You Can Love Life Again!

Dr. Leo Steiner brought this groundbreaking treatment to the Toronto as a pioneer and a thought leader because he truly cares. A leader in the field of Mental Health he saw first hand where therapy and or medications didn’t deliver results to all of the people suffering.

TMS Therapy for Depression Toronto
TMS Therapy for Depression Toronto

TMS Clinics of Canada is family-owned, the first and only psychological clinic offering TMS in the Greater Toronto Area. TMS is the biggest breakthrough in mental health in decades. This highly effective, non-invasive treatment for depression and many other mental health diseases has excellent results.

TMS is medication-free with none of the side effects so common in antidepressants. See if TMS is right for you today. Our family is here for you. You are not alone.

There is nothing as wholesome as a broken heart and soul.

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