Meet the Doctor

Dr. L. Steiner, registered psychologist

Since 1988, Dr. Steiner has been helping people suffering from depression and other emotional challenges. He has taught university courses in mental health and worked in the psychiatric department of numerous hospitals. He has also consulted in addiction facilities, social service agencies and Corrections Canada. His expertise is in Rehabilitation and Neuropsychology and for the last few years has been excited to offer a proven alternative to ECT and medication to those who suffer from depression in the Greater Toronto Area.

Along with many of his colleagues in psychology and psychiatry, Dr. Steiner was extremely frustrated with the conventional options for his depressed patients. Read More

When researchers began publishing studies by the hundreds, proving the effectiveness of TMS, he knew this was something he wanted to bring to his patients and beyond. Dr. Steiner saw the lack of accessibility to TMS in the Greater Toronto Area and understood it was up to practitioners like him to bring this to the public. Because everyone deserves a chance at recovery.

Dr. Steiner brings passion to mental healthcare, he is a truly caring, personable individual. He looks forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

Doctor Steiner, Depression Help Toronto
Nikki Chanowitz Doctor, Depression Help Toronto
Clinic Manager

Nikki Chanowitz

Before joining our team Nikki was the owner/operator of a successful massage therapy clinic, Healing Point Massage Therapy. She graduated from Royal Canadian College of Massage.

Nikki graduated from the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute at the Schulich School of Business and was chosen as one out of ten to receive a grant that will further develop TMS Clinics of Canada.

Nikki is a certified TMS technician and has extensive experience working with psychologists and their patients.

Born and bred in the Greater Toronto Area, Nikki is excited to offer those suffering from depression in the community a drug-free treatment that has a proven track record.

Nikki is driven by a passion for healthcare, to help others in need, and to make a difference in the lives of those who are calling out and particularly those who cannot find their voice.

Mom of 4 cute little munchkins, Nikki enjoys working out and travel.

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