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Mindfulness and Depression

There are a variety of treatments available for depression. Exploring different options can help you find the best fit. Mindfulness is a practice that many people find helpful and it can be a positive way for you to manage your depression. 

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that is centered on experiencing the present moment including what your body is sensing and feeling. When you practice mindfulness, you simply acknowledge your thoughts and feelings without reacting to or judging them. Your main goal is to focus on being present. There are many different ways you can practice mindfulness. Commonly, people will practice mindfulness meditation to help them when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It is a way to center yourself and relax. 

Benefits of Mindfulness

You can experience many benefits through practicing mindfulness. One of the most common benefits is a reduction of stress. Mindfulness helps you to learn how to experience the world around you without letting it overwhelm you. You can also use mindfulness to help you increase your focus and awareness of the world around you. The practice of mindfulness is all about approaching yourself with kindness and learning to process thoughts and emotions. Repeated practice can help you to manage your depression symptoms. 

How to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be practiced in many different ways and you can choose to do it in any way that appeals to you. You can practice mindfulness with breathing exercises, eating mindfully, doing yoga, or focusing on a single task. Mindfulness meditation is the most common way to practice. To meditate, sit down in a comfortable position. Sit up tall, but not completely straight. Be aware of everything your body is doing. Keep your gaze focused on a spot on the floor. You can then simply sit and breathe. Try to clear your mind. If a thought does enter your mind, simply acknowledge it without judgement and let it pass. During your meditation, you can also do a body scan and mentally evaluate every part of your body and what you are feeling. Again, mindfulness can be personalized to the individual, so try anything that sounds interesting to you. 


Mindfulness is something that everyone is capable of doing. It simply takes practice to incorporate it into your life. As you practice mindfulness, you can help to address the symptoms of depression you may be experiencing. 

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