How to Talk to Others About Your Depression 

Talking with others about your depression is a great way to find support and give you someone to talk to about your struggles. However, it can be scary to take that first step of telling someone about what you’ve dealt with. To have a positive experience, you should take a moment to plan out how you will have the conversation.

Pick a Positive, Casual Environment 

When you tell someone else about your depression, you want to make sure you are both somewhere comfortable and positive. It’s a difficult discussion and the job is only made harder if either of you feels uncomfortable. In addition to a positive, comfortable environment, you also want to keep things casual. For example, you can tell your friend or family member while you’re out on a walk or performing a task together at home. A casual environment can help to lighten the topic a little.

Answer Questions 

If people don’t understand depression very well or if they have not experienced it themselves, then they’ll likely have questions. Allow your friend or family member to ask you questions and be open about answering them. Doing so opens a dialogue between the two of you and it will be easier for both of you to communicate in the future. You can feel comfortable coming to them about your struggles and they can feel comfortable asking you more questions about mental health or your own experiences. 

Create Boundaries 

For those who don’t have depression, it can be difficult to recognize how their behavior impacts those who do. During your discussion, it’s helpful to set some healthy boundaries. You can discuss certain behaviors that might trigger your depression symptoms. You can also explain what things are helpful to you and what things might make it worse. People are better equipped to help you with your mental health struggles if they understand what you expect and need from them. 

It’s hard to open up to others about your mental health challenges, but it can help you better address your depression. Take some time to think about what you want to say and maybe even write down a few points. Involving others can help you improve your symptoms and work through your depression. 

Depression can be hard for some people to understand. Click here to access resources from TMS Clinics of Canada about depression. 

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