How the Summer Affects Your Mental Health

Throughout the year, your mental health can be heavily affected by the changes in the seasons. While winter is often associated with seasonal depression, the summertime is a season when mental health often improves. It can lead to a boost in your mood for several reasons. 

More Vitamin D Exposure 

For many struggling with depression, it’s common to have vitamin D deficiency. Getting plenty of vitamin D is essential for your physical health but it also greatly benefits your mental health. It can lead to an improved mood and it can also help alleviate depressive symptoms. To get more vitamin D, people turn to reinforced foods, such as milk, or they will take vitamin D supplements. Fortunately, the summer is a time when you can naturally get more vitamin D exposure because of the increased amount of sunlight. Spending plenty of time outside during the summer allows you to get more sunlight and more vitamin D exposure. 

More Physical Activity 

In the summer, people tend to engage in more physical activity because the weather is much nicer. Getting more physical activity improves your mental health in many ways. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which are a chemical in your brain that boost your mood and make you feel good. Regular exercise helps to improve your mood and mental health over time and it can help you to alleviate any depressive symptoms. Take advantage of the time you have in the summer to be more active. 

Better Weather 

One of the main reasons people experience better mental health in the summer is simply because of the nice weather. It’s warmer, and sunnier, and there are fewer instances of extreme weather. It’s simply a more pleasant time and it makes most people happy to spend time out in the better weather. If you’re experiencing depression or any other mental illness, then consider spending some time outside. The good weather can help you boost your mood and give you a chance to take a break from the stress of life. 

The summer is often associated with good times and happy moods. During the summer you can engage in lots of fun activities and take advantage of the sunshine. This summer, find out what helps to improve your mood and your depressive symptoms. 

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