Dealing With Feelings of Loneliness 

It’s normal to experience loneliness from time to time. However, if you also have depression, it can heighten the feelings of loneliness. In addition to receiving treatment for depression, there is a lot you can do to help you deal with loneliness. 

Join Groups or Clubs 

To overcome loneliness, you need to feel more connected to other people. You can begin by reaching out to friends and family to help you stay connected. In order to have more consistent connections, you can consider joining groups or clubs based on your hobbies or interests. For example, if you like a certain sport, you can join a sports team and form friendships with your teammates. If you enjoy cooking, you can take a cooking class. When you join groups and clubs, you surround yourself with people who already share at least one thing in common with you and you can begin building friendships from there. 


Another great way to spend time around other people is through volunteering. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities. You can work at a soup kitchen, a food collection bank, a homeless shelter, and more. These are great ways for you to serve those who are less fortunate. Doing so will make you feel good and give you the opportunity to spend time with other like-minded individuals. If you aren’t sure where to start, try contacting local charities or nonprofit organizations–or even organizations you care about, like schools, sports complexes, or your local library. There are always plenty of ways to help out! 

Practice Self Care 

While loneliness typically stems from a lack of interaction with others, it can actually be soothed by self-esteem-boosting and self-care practices. Practicing self-care helps you become more emotionally independent, inoculating you from some of the effects of loneliness or feelings of rejection. As often as necessary, take the time to treat yourself. This could include anything from cooking yourself a nice meal to going out for a walk. Self-care also involves taking care of your basic needs. Make sure you’re eating well and getting plenty of sleep each night. Put aside time to exercise and get your body moving. Physical activity has been shown to improve people’s mood, overall health, and self-image. 

To help you overcome your loneliness, you should try several different methods. Not everything works for everyone, so you need to find the right solution for you. Often, you need to proactively get out of your shell to disperse the loneliness. If your feelings of loneliness seem to be causing symptoms of depression, get professional treatment as soon as possible. 

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