Coping with Depression While In School 

Depression can make any daily activities difficult. If you’re in school, your depression can hinder your ability to study, focus in class, or have the motivation to work. Finding ways to cope with your depression can help you to be successful in school. 

Practice Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment and everything that is going on around you. This practice is especially helpful for people suffering from depression. Those with depression are often overwhelmed by thoughts from the past. Focusing on the present moment can provide relief and help you find a more positive outlook. It’s also helpful to practice mindfulness while in school because it allows you to take a break from any stressors you may be experiencing. Examples of mindfulness include breathing exercises, meditation, or focusing on all five senses. 

Find ways to Manage Stress

School can cause a great deal of stress as you try to manage all your classes and the work you need to do. This amount of stress coupled with depression can make it difficult to cope. Finding ways to manage your stress should become a priority. You may not be able to remove your stressors, but you can find ways to get relief from your stress. Take a walk, listen to some relaxing music, or do activities you enjoy. Everyone relieves stress in different ways, so find effective activities for yourself. Balancing out the stressful nature of being a student with some stress-relieving activities can allow you to manage your depression. 

Improve Your Physical Health 

While depression is a mental condition, your physical health plays a major role. You should make it a priority to improve your physical health. Getting plenty of sleep is essential. You should aim to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. It’s also good to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. When you look after your physical health, it improves your overall health. 

While in school, it’s difficult to manage everything and depression only makes it harder. Start by finding little ways you can manage your depression. Making little changes can vastly improve your symptoms and help you still succeed while in school. 

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