Anxiety and Building Self Esteem 

Many people with anxiety also struggle with their self esteem. Mental disorders make it difficult to view oneself positively and so it’s harder to naturally build self esteem. Instead, you need to find ways to actively build your self esteem. 

Meditation and Reflection 

In order to begin building your self esteem, you need to take some time to understand yourself a little better. Meditation is a great way to center yourself and focus your mind. When you meditate, you clear your mind and concentrate on the present moment. As you continue this practice, it helps you to be more present and mindful which allows you to better reflect on yourself. In addition to meditation, it’s helpful to look at your life as a whole and reflect on how your experiences have shaped you and who you are as a person. When you get to know yourself better, you can work on building your self esteem.

Treat Yourself 

Another way to build your self esteem is by showing yourself that you are worth effort. You are deserving of love and attention. To demonstrate this, you should treat yourself on a regular basis. This can look any way you want it. You could take yourself out to eat or you can buy yourself something you want. Treating yourself could be taking a day off from work or spending the weekend pampering yourself. Give yourself special attention to help you get used to being loved. Your self esteem and self worth does not need to come from other people. In fact, it’s best if it starts with you. Show yourself love because you deserve it. 

Ask for Help and Support 

While there is a lot you can do on your own to build your self esteem, it’s not something you need to do all alone. Having a support system is an important part of life and it is especially helpful when you’re struggling. As you work on building your self esteem, reach out to people who care about you. Ask them for advice and for strategies to help you improve your self esteem. If you need it, you can even ask them what they love about you and why you matter to them. These reminders can help you feel more confident and they are extremely helpful for individuals who struggle with anxiety. 

Anxiety can already present many barriers in your life. Diminishing your self esteem doesn’t need to be one of them. Find strategies that help you to build your self esteem and self confidence. 

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