3 Ways to Deal with Your Seasonal Depression 

Seasonal depression is a form of depression that is more common in the winter months. It mainly occurs since there is less sunlight during this time. Seasonal depression can make the winter harder to get through and it’s important to find ways to alleviate your symptoms. 

Prioritize Socializing 

When you’re feeling depressed, it’s easier to keep to yourself and just stay home. You may not have the energy or motivation to go out. However, being around other people can greatly improve your mood. When you’re with others, you can feel more loved and supported. It can help you feel happier and it can help you work through your depressive symptoms. While experiencing seasonal depression, prioritize socializing. Schedule lunch with a friend. Invite people over to watch a movie or play games. It can be simple and within your comfort zone. Just try to spend more time with those you love. 

Keep a Journal 

No matter the type of depression you’re dealing with, it’s helpful to keep a journal. A journal allows you to process your thoughts and emotions. Often, you might be writing down things you didn’t even realize you experienced. Additionally, a journal can help you get your negative emotions out so you can feel calmer and at peace. Your journal can be done in any way that you choose. Many people find it effective to handwrite in their journals. An electric journal is also a great option. You may even choose to keep a journal by recording either a video or just audio of you talking and processing everything. 

Travel Somewhere Sunny 

A lack of sunlight is one of the main contributors to seasonal depression. To help you battle this, you should take a vacation somewhere sunny. A vacation on its own is a great way to improve your mood. It gets you somewhere new and pulls you out of your routine. You can have some new experiences for a while. Going somewhere sunny is especially helpful. Being in the sun can make you feel happier and more relaxed. It also exposes you to vitamin D which is known to improve your mood.

Seasonal depression can be difficult to deal with especially because you know it’s coming each winter. Finding ways to deal with it can help you get through the winter without feeling so overwhelmed. In addition to these options, you can seek professional treatments. 


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